It's definitely adventure time, so come on and grab your axe. Or a nunchaku. Or a harpoon. Or whatever you have in your death-bringing arsenal - simply snatch it, pack your arcane magic and let's go!

The spirit of adventure is very strong, but very elusive. And despite Dragon Quest XI is immense in terms of side-quests, additional content and also has a limitless potential for free-roam, it feels like it could offer more...

Like the characters or the most memorable haikus or quotes from Rhyming Mermaids from Dragon Quest could be physically around, so to say.

Well, actually they may become real. You may have the images of fearless Veronica, elegant Serena or life-loving Sylvando put on your:

·        T-shirts.

·        Hoodies and sweatshirts.

·        Headwear.

·        Handbags/backpacks.

And more - basically, the options are limited by your vision and dreams only. And we, being the huge fans of Dragon Quest too, will be glad to provide you with whatever clothing elements you need. And by default we retain the physical and aesthetical quality of our products at the highest level possible.

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