Dragon Quest XI: Character Building Guide

What abilities and skills are the best to invest into in Dragon Quest XI? The story that starts like a quest of one later becomes a tactical group adventure, with all the characters having their pros and cons according to specialty.

Of course, you can learn Dragon Quest XI hero skill tree by just trials and errors, but, as the locals say, you better be prepared to what’s expected on your Luminary way. We collected the guide from experience and we hope you’ll find it useful.

Hero is all about swords and shields. As your protagonist leaves Cobblestone, he starts to encounter enemies of varying level, so there is some space for upgrading almost right away.

  • Helichopter is the one you should think of as soon as it’s available. This skill lets you hit multiple enemies with a single move, though the damage is moderate.

  • Miracle Slash is the action that hits your enemy and recovers your health a bit.

  • Gigaslash/Gigasmash are top skills of Sword and Greatsword sections. When activated, then it is your enemy (or group of enemies) with a lightning.

  • Zap is one of the most powerful skills that helps against aquatic or metal armor.

  • Eric, being a knife master and a great thief, will benefit the most from a specific knife and theft techniques. The best skills to get in Dragon Quest XI for Eric are:

  • Dual-wield (Knives). It supplements the effect of your major weapon with other, like poison.

  • Cobra Strike and Victimiser (Knives), multiplying the effect of knives and poisons and the chance the poison works.

  • Divide (Guile). Eric splits in three, with each copy as powerful as the origin.

  • Half-Inch (Guile), causing no damage but stealing items from enemy units.

Veronica is, no doubt, a black mage, so don’t even try to upgrade her into something else. So for Veronica, best skills to get in Dragon Quest XI are those enhancing her magic impact.

They are:

  • Fire and Earth Resistance, as well as Ice and Wind Resistance, to up her elemental defense.

  • Spooky Aura (Vim section). Doing no damage to the enemy by itself, it weakens their defense, so the actual destructive spells you apply cause more damage to anyone under it.

  • Channel Anger (Vim section). It increases the damage of destructive spells, making a deadly combination with the previous one.

  • Antimagic (Heavy Wands). This ability neutralizes the enemy’s magical spell so you can feel free of it for the next move.

Serena is great at handling spears, and (at least at early stages) that’s the best ability to up.

For Serena best skills to get in Dragon Quest XI are the following:

  • Deliverance (Spears) is efficient against the undead;

  • Hymns (Harpistry) ups the whole party’s elemental defense;

  • Divine Restitution (Wands) regenerates Serena’s HP and hits the enemies with powerful rays.

Sylvando, a showman earning by entertaining people, is good at confusing people (and handling knives and swords too, but let Hero be the swordsman). Sylvando’s best skills to get in Dragon Quest XI are about party defense and interacting with enemies. So we recommend the following:

  • Fuddle Dance (Showmanship), confusing enemies with high probability;

  • Hustle Dance (Showmanship), upping the whole party’s HP with 70 points;

  • That’s Amore (Showmanship), showing the enemies the destructive side of love.

Rab is also a character with incredible skill set if developed correctly. Being the protagonist’s grandfather, he should be the bearer of some ace ability, and, in fact, he is gifted. But the ex-king needs to train again to maintain the force he once had, abilities replaced with experience. This doesn’t make him a great standalone fighter, but the party force is strong with this one.

With Rab, best skills to get in Dragon Quest XI are the next:

  • Right as Rain (Enlightenment), constant regeneration at 20 HPs for each of your party;

  • M-Pathy (Enlightenment) allows Rab to pass his MP skill to other party members;

  • Caster Sugar (Enoghtenment) enhances all the spells by other party members.

Jade is first of all a power fighter, so you better use her together with some well-upped healer or magician. If you want to get the best out of Jade, best skills to get in Dragon Quest XI to pick are these:

  • Hip Drop (Allure), a cheap but fierce versatile attack;

  • Miracle Moon (Fistcuffs), striking five enemies at a time and healing herself;

  • Crushed Ice (Spears), a strong ice hit to one enemy;

  • Multithrust (Spears), an area damage that can hit a group of enemies four times.

While combining your party against a boss, you should care about balancing abilities. Versatile ones like Hero or Rab are great against average enemies, but strong ones require specialized fighters. So balance a strong swordsman with a healer or magic enhancer. That’s the way to get the best out of the diversity the game offers.

If you’re limited in time, this Dragon Quest XI skill guide will save a lot of it for you, so you can meet the bosses faster, fight them more efficiently and reach the end of your quest sooner, with fewer failures. Of course, you can try some experiments with upping other abilities when replaying. That’s another attractive side of DQXI.