Dragon Quest 11: How To Beat The Final Boss

While travelling the roads of Erdrea you’ll gather a good party to beat the monsters, and, of course, the bosses that will appear on your way. Each of them is unique, so all of them need special handling, from battle tactics to participant list.

While reviewing Dragon Quest XI boss list it’s clear that many pretend to be the greatest and the most terrible, but few succeed. The complete Dragon Quest 11 walkthrough can be found on special sites, but, if you dislike the very idea (as if someone else is playing instead of you), we hope you won’t mind a little hint.

Especially needful it is when you finally reach the near-end and need to beat the final bosses. Though there can be only one really final boss (and it’s not who you initially think), we’ll review three of them to ease the mission.


Let’s warm up with the Dragon of Morgedon, a second-strongest boss of Gondolia, who is here to give you some hard time.

The supposed way of beating him is the next:

  • Team up Hero, Jade, Veronica, and Serena;

  • Your Hero has to break Jasper’s magical shield with Sword of Shadows (available in Greatswords) to expose him to any other damage, like Quadraslash;

  • Pep power would be very useful just here;

  • Keep Veronica and Serena on defense and healing side (Moreheal and Midheal are the way to keep the party alive);

  • Level 15 will do to beat Jasper at normal difficulty.


The enemy with chthonic name seems the hardest to beat. By the end of the game you must have a lot of upgrades, and, if you have applied them correctly, Mordegon isn’t that invincible. In Dragon Quest 11 Mordegon fight is, in fact, the culmination of the gameplay. So here we are, with Dragon Quest XI final boss guide:

  • Sword of Light is the legendary one necessary to bring Mordegon down. Without it, don’t even try.

  • Let Rab/Veronica and Sylvando do the healing and all the supporting while Hero holds the frontline.

  • Use Sap on your enemy as soon as possible.

  • When Mordegon summons a pair of staffs, eliminate just one of them, cutting its power but blocking him from resummoning them.

  • Sword Dance is great against Mordegon, but Falcon Slash is fine too.

  • Metal Slime gear is a great defense against Confusion, the trick Mordegon practices. Equip your whole party with these to neutralize Confusion.

Level 50 is quite enough at Normal mode to beat him (some manage even on Level 42-45). But, as you’ll see in Dragon Quest 11, Lord of Shadows isn’t the real final enemy. There is one more boss behind him.


And here comes Dragon Quest 11 true final boss, the one that hasn’t been anticipated (unless you’ve been warned). In Dragon Quest 11 Calasmos is the one you should prepare for the most carefully.

  • There’s no sufficient level to confront Calasmos safely. Even at level 99, he’s extremely dangerous for you. But at the right strategy 70+ level will provide enough chance.

  • Do some Metal Slime farming to up before encountering Calasmos. The best improvisation is a well-prepared one.

  • Spend some time on repairing Cobblestone. The place will reward its Hero with the best weapons and armors that can be found in Derk’s store.

  • Your Hero needs to equip The Super Sword of Light to fight Calasmos. Its name is telling the story, and the story of collecting it makes sense now. It dispels the fog, weakens his attacks and defense, and shortens the time to bring Calasmos down.

  • Don’t let Darklings finish their chanting; once summoned, they should be destroyed as soon as possible.

  • Let Veronica or Sylvando Oomphle your Hero, Hendrick or Jade while attacking, and let Serena or Rab do the healing with Omniheal or Multiheal. Hero and Hendrick are your primary strike force.

  • At the final stage attack his body, don’t mind the regenerating hands. They can’t do your character any harm when the body is dead.

  • The final attack of dying Calasmos is a grand ball of fire. You have two turns to prepare for it.

Of course, all of those recommendations are just one of the ways to win. But they are based on characters’, spells’ and weapons’ properties common for all players. So neglecting them only makes sense if you’re willing to spend all the time you need to learn these rules by yourself. That’s a noble intention, but sharing secrets you unveil is probably just as noble when it comes to really powerful bosses.