Dragon Quest 11 Beginner's Guide

One can write a big book based upon Dragon Quest XI (in fact, the story itself is a long interactive movie that combines video interludes with gaming quests). So Dragon Quest 11 guide for beginners would take a lot. But, luckily, the most basic instructions and narrative points can be found right in the game. SO we’ll concentrate on tricks and tips not so obvious.

Dragon Quest 11 walkthrough gamefaqs will never be quite exhaustive, as the game is constantly developed and explored, so new nuances appear daily. But here are some we prepared for you. If you follow them, going through Erdrea.

The Pace to Expect

JRPG is an esthetical substance of its own, with its visuals and combat style, naming and pace. If you’ve never played this genre, don’t be surprised by its very slow pace that’s at the same time very immersive. It’s a feature, not a bug. The developers offer you enough time to get familiar with this world, to tell these monsters from those, to speak to any community member in your Cobblestone and out of it, because anyone can bring something worthy in.

Strategy elements are present from the very beginning, but they unveil their real potential later, when your party is joined by more members. So don’t neglect learning them from the very beginning and relearning a bit when new members appear.

Exploration is a key, too. Get your nose wherever it fits to see what's in store (literally or not), and get all you can reach. Some of the items are exclusive.

How to Prepare and Earn

From experience is this Dragon Quest XI strategy guide taken. There are many ways of getting skills, gold points and items. Dragon Quest 11 gold farming is a special kind of art, and there are some generic tricks that will help you with getting rich faster.

  • Don’t waste your time on any monster, as they’re respawning constantly. Basic blue slimes are good in the very beginning, but as you proceed, you’ll encounter more worthy enemies with more reward, so don’t go for a total grind. Concentrate on the strongest enemies you can defeat, and do defeat them. Metal Slimes will do better for your training and getting worthy rewards.

  • Search all the lands through. Each road, even if it doesn’t lead your main way, can hide something in its dead end.

  • One of the most crucial questions for the beginners in Dragon Quest 11: how to level up fast. The answer is: don’t neglect quests. You can see potential quests on your mini map, marked by purple dots.

  • Search all the places that might host anything useful. Books contain recipes of things to craft. The more you can craft and sell the more gold you get for this.

  • Fun-Size Forge can be a real help when you need some specific object or lots of the same. But most of them can be more easily found in chests. Just reach a campsite to get it active.

  • In Puerto Valor you can fool the casino with Slime Quest Slots. AS you play these machines long enough, you’re sure to win once. You’ll need to purchase some tokens first, but then it pays. The casino is worth visiting, because it offers some exclusive items you only can purchase for its tokens.

  • Visit L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles once in a while to trade your medals for something useful. After all, it’s free equipment, though nothing extraordinary, but you might need it someday.

Monsters and Bosses

The combat mechanics of Dragon Quest XI is turn-based, that is, perfectly suited for team combats. It’s okay in regular fighting, but bosses may require special handling.

  • As you’re making a grind, you better set your team to Fight Wisely. This mode is good for grinding, as there’s nothing you’ll miss if you trust an AI with this. It optimizes your teamwork and gets the result quicker and with less HP loss.

  • When developing characters, don’t go for jacks of all trades. Each of your party has special abilities, so a good magician and a good melee fighter can be a great support for each other, and Rab or Sylvando with their team support can be great for keeping the whole squad alive.

  • When after a long fight your characters are almost dead, some on and find a campsite as quick as you can. And avoid any hostile encounters on your way there. Recover first, and then fight again.

  • Even while fighting, you can switch weapons. If your sword doesn’t damage the enemy enough, maybe, you better try something else?

  • Pep is a great power-up state, but it can finish as suddenly as it starts, so enjoy its benefits, but plan your combats like there’s no Pep at all.

  • Try different ways of controlling. If you own both a gamepad and a keyboard-and-mouse set, try both and decide what suits the game (and your comfort) better.

You’ll learn more as you proceed further in Dragon Quest XI. But this recommendation will get you further sooner, so you’ll enjoy the real grandness of the game and feel its immerse world. Isn’t that what we love these large games for?