Dragon Quest 11 PS4 Walkthrough How to Beat the Last Boss: Important Things to Know

Did most of your friends defeat the last boss in Dragon Quest 11? Have you been wondering about the appropriate level to get rid of Calasmos? What’s the best way to succeed in the last battle?

In this blog post, you will know them all. But before that, let us give new users a short overview about Dragon Quest 11.

What is Dragon Quest 11?

Designed and published by Square Enix, Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a role-playing video game. It is an entry in the long-running Dragon Quest video game series. In July 2017, it was released in Japan for PlayStation and Nintendo 3DS.

With the huge success, it has become available worldwide for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 4 in 2018.

What Is the Appropriate Level to Defeat Calasmos?

Wondering about the right level for final boss dragon quest 11? Can you defeat Calasmos although you’re only at 60 or 50? Beating the final boss can be more complicated than you imagine. If you reach the level 70 and above, you have a higher chance of getting rid of your number one enemy.

However, if you hit level 99, this gigantic boss remain extremely difficult to beat. But it’s possible to get rid of Calasmos. It just takes so much time and effort. With constant practice, you will be more prepared to play the next level.

How to Beat the Last Boss in Dragon Quest 11?

So, you have managed to reach the most important part of the Dragon Quest 11. What are you going to do next? You have to face off against Calasmos.

Compared to the battle in the early Dragon Quest series, defeating the last boss is not a standard fight. It is the trickiest battle that requires extensive experience, skills and dedication. Without these things, you may end up losing over and over again.

Since it’s your first time to deal with Calasmos, you probably don’t know much information about it. Unlike the other monsters in the early Dragon Quest series, it is an unstoppable foe. This is especially true when you ignore a simple mechanic throughout the game.

But the truth is that there are many items, armor, and weapons you can use. Certain equipment usually has an effect during the battle. There are other sets of accessories and armors you can utilize to buff your hero. There’s also one particular weapon that can shrink the last boss down to sizes. To know more about that, keep reading for further details.

Take Advantage of the Super Sword of Light

Calasmos is tough. Although you reach level 99, this foe can grind you down into dust and wipe your party. To defeat him, preparation is key. The Super Sword of Light is an important item that can play a crucial role in your victory.

What is the Super Sword of Light? It is a weapon that you can collect automatically. As you progress thru Part 3, you can have the Super Sword of Light. To equip it, the Hero will be of great help. That way, you can weaken Calasmos.

Equipping the Super Sword of Light may sound simple. But it’s easier said than done. Even seasoned players are unable to get it done right the first time. To do it according to your expectations, put the weapon in the Hero’s inventory. Do it before facing off the last boss.

To use the Super Sword of Light, it’s not as complex as you imagine. All you have to do is to select “Item” on the Hero’s turn. Then, select the weapon. With that, you can dispel the fog around your foe, making it more vulnerable.

As he attacks, the damage will be less. It’s going to be a great advantage on your part. Once you strike the Calasmos, your attack can be more damaging. You will surely win the battle.

Dragon Quest 11 PS4 Walkthrough How to Beat the Last Boss: Steps to Prepare for Calasmos

  • Reach Level 70 and Beyond

Moving on to the next level in the Dragon Quest is hard. But it has never been easier with the Metal slime farming technique. Not only is it an easier strategy, but it is also an effective one. Every time you use it, earning 5+ levels during a battle will be convenient.

  • Equip the Best Weapon or Armor

Aside from the Super Sword of Light, powerful weapons and armors can help. To increase your equipment, repair the cobblestone. This will help you unlock the Derk’s store. It is responsible for selling highly effective end-game gear.

How to Handle the Battle?

As you start fighting with Calasmos, it’s the best time to switch to the Super Sword of Light. Not only will it help dispel the darkness that protects the last boss, but it will also affect your foe’s attack and defence.

Calasmos usually attacks from its Claw, Cannon and body. While the main body utilizes magic and breath attacks, the Claw is a damaging weapon. The cannon, on the other hand, summons darklings and shoots everyone.

Before it summons the darklings, defeat them right away. Use Oomphle on your Hero. Henrick or Jade is ALSO worth your time and effort. Henrick has special abilities that can attack and lower the defence of your enemy. Reduce your Calasmos’ defence. Then, enhance the attack power of your fighters.

Dragon Quest 11 What Happens Post True Final Boss: What to Do Next?

After beating the Calasmos, what’s next? Honestly speaking, there’s nothing to do after successfully getting rid of your foe. That’s quite disappointing, right? Don’t worry! Square Enix will release its Dragon Quest X1 S this 2019. Although it’s a long process, it’s worth the wait. There are other upgrades or updates that will shock users from different parts of the world.

Let’s hope for the best! Perhaps, it will lead to a more unique and exciting experience. Share this blog post to your friends and comment down below for further details.