They say that the thirst for adventures is unquenchable in a true hero's heart. And if you're into Dragon Quest XI - congratulations! You're the living proof.

Be it a sword fight, a magic spell-duel, a quest for a lovely, but naive citizen or a dialogue with Sylvando - the Number One flamboyant party beast - this picturesque saga will never fail to suck you in.

Especially mystical is your back-story. You're the Hero - the enigmatic protagonist, the true origins of whose remain unknown.

Sounds like a cliché? Well, with all due respect, but it's not just a hackneyed cliché. It's a rad mythological symbol! And from Romulus to Luke Skywalker - the Hero's background is always a mystery wrapped in enigma...

But there's so much stuff to do in this epic saga. Here you can:  

·        Slay demonic mobs and beasties of all colors, sizes and shapes.

·        Explore dungeons rich with stuff, worth being taken to the closest pawn shop.  

·        Make your horse gallop faster than lightning.

·        Chat with a very talkative Tricky Devil, who never was successful at scaring people.

What else to say? It's understandable that you're hypnotized by this beautiful RPG. And the adventure thirst reminds you of itself more and more, thrilling you from the inside. Well there's only one reliable remedy: put your sword in the scabbard, spur your mount and run like a wind towards new challenges!